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About History Amir Hamza & Laqa Afrasiyab & the Tilism Magical Beings & Devices
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Sheikh Tasadduq Husain (Born: ? – Died: 1911–1917?)

Sheikh Tasadduq Husain was a dastan narrator of Lucknow. He was also a narrator of the Karbala tragedy in the prose and marsia forms. He mentions Mir Azam Ali as his teacher. Muhammad Husain Jah credits him for a segment he borrowed from his version of the Hoshruba legend. Sheikh Tasadduq Husain compiled and co-authored several dastans of the 46-volume Amir Hamza cycle, published by the Naval Kishore Press.

Ahmed Husain Qamar (Born: 1845? – Died: February–March, 1901)

Ahmed Husain (pen name Qamar) was a famous dastan narrator of Lucknow and nisar or prose narrator of the Karbala tragedy. He was commissioned by the Naval Kishore Press to finish the remaining volumes of Tilism-e Hoshruba after Muhammad Husain Jah separated from the project. Qamar wrote volumes five (in two parts), six and seven between 1890 and 1893. According to Ahmed Husain Qamar’s own account, his family participated in the 1857 Mutiny against the East India Company forces. Two of his brothers died in the fighting. Qamar survived and was released from the charge of mutiny but as he was not yet of age, he could not lay claim to his estate, which was confiscated by the government. He studied law and became an agent at one of the local courts but when he appeared for his confirmation exam, the old charge of participating in the Mutiny was dug up and cited as a reason for his disqualification. He became interested in dastan narration and took it up as a profession. He was of the Shia faith and continued to narrate the events of the Karbala tragedy as well.

Ahmed Husain Qamar had a son, Ishtiaq Husain, who was a poet (pen name Suhail) and a daughter. While the name of Qamar’s daughter is not known, his son-in-law, Nadir Mirza, wished to pursue a career as a professional dastan narrator but had to give it up because he developed elephantitis.

Besides the three volumes of Tilism-e Hoshruba, Qamar compiled other dastans of the Amir Hamza cycle published by the Naval Kishore Press. He claimed to have written many more dastans as well, but there is no known record.
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