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FAQs ... Hoshruba—the series


How many books are there in the Hoshruba series?
There are 24 books in the Hoshruba series.

What are the names of the next books in the Hoshruba series?
The titles of the individual books will be announced as they are translated. Currently, the first three books in the series have been named. They are:

Book One – Hoshruba: The Land and the Tilism (Available)
Book Two – Hoshruba: The Prisoner of Batin (Forthcoming, August 2009)
Book Three – Hoshruba: The Rival Emperor (Forthcoming, December 2009)

How will I know when the next book of the Hoshruba series comes out?
Everyone who buys directly from Urdu Project will receive a notification by email when the next book in the series comes out. Those who buy from bookshops or online retailers can check with them or visit for the latest updates.

Is the Hoshruba series suitable for children?
Some of the language and episodes are not suitable for young readers. Therefore Urdu Project will publish a children’s edition of Hoshruba in July 2009.

How will the children’s edition of Hoshruba be different from the adult edition?
The children’s edition of Hoshruba will have the same titles for each book in the series. However, it will be different in the following ways:

a. The text will be abridged for the children’s edition.
b. The language will be appropriate for children between 10-14 years (Upper Middle Grade book category).
c. It will be an illustrated edition.

What other books are recommended to be read with Hoshruba?
Hoshruba is an independent fantasy. However, the readers who wish to learn more about the legend from which it grew may wish to read The Adventures of Amir Hamza, too. It is available through Urdu Project as well as from all major bookstores, and online retailers.