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FAQs ... Hoshruba


What does the word “Hoshruba” mean?
‘Hoshruba’ is a combination of two words: ‘hosh’ meaning ’sense’ or ’senses’, and ‘ruba’ meaning ’stealing’ or ‘ravishing.’

What is the origin of the fantasy epic Hoshruba?
Hoshruba was the work of Indian story-tellers who narrated it as a dastan—a genre of the oral literature. They used The Adventures of Amir Hamza as a source legend for Hoshruba. However, as described in the History, Hoshruba was an independent tale and it had very little to do with the legend of Amir Hamza.

What is the difference between Hoshruba and The Adventures of Amir Hamza?
Hoshruba is a fantasy. The Adventures of Amir Hamza is a myth and legend.

Who is the author of Hoshruba?
The first name associated with the tale of Hoshruba is that of Mir Ahmed Ali. He was a professional storyteller who narrated it orally in public and private gatherings. But the present text was compiled by two rival storytellers, Muhammad Husain Jah and Ahmed Husain Qamar. The History tells the story of Hoshruba’s origins and the storytellers who contributed to it.

From which language has Hoshruba been translated?
Hoshruba has been translated from the Urdu language.

Who has translated Hoshruba?
The translator of Hoshruba is Musharraf Ali Farooqi.

Is the original Urdu version of Hoshruba available in print?
Sang-e Meel Publications in Lahore reprinted the 1924 edition as a facsimile in 1984, and may still have it in print. In 1988 Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna also reprinted a facsimile edition made from the 1930 edition. They were both lithograph editions but the Khuda Bakhsh Library edition is easier to read. Also, the Sang-e Meel edition has a printing error in second volume.

Was Hoshruba ever translated in any language in the past?
No. This is the first translation of Hoshruba in any language.

Were there any original drawings made for Hoshruba?
No. The original publication of Hoshruba was without any drawings.

Who has made the cover art for Hoshruba?
The cover art is done by Michelle Farooqi.