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About History Amir Hamza & Laqa Afrasiyab & the Tilism Magical Beings & Devices
Magical Beings & Devices

DEMON: Also called a dev. A gigantic being with horns and a tail, which also has a taste for fine clothes, jewelery and lavish palaces.

DOPPELGANGER: An invisible being associated with every human being. Its existence is independent of its human counterpart’s and unconstrained by considerations of time and space. When a doppelganger enters a corpse a dead person can revive and narrate the circumstances of his death.

FAIRY: Also called a peri (female fairy) or perizad (male fairy). Winged male or female creatures that live on Mount Qaf.

GIANT: A legendary, manlike being of huge stature. The false god Laqa is a giant.

JINN: Creatures made of fire and invisible to the human eye. According to popular belief, jinns and fairies are the children of Jan, a being who once inhabited Earth and was banished for disobedience to the Supreme Being.

LIGHTNING-BOLT: One of seven sorceresses who exist in the form of lightning in a crimson cloud and strike as lightning bolts. They also appear in human form as beautiful, golden-skinned women.

MAGIC BIRD: A bird made of magic by sorcerers to act as their eyes and ears and spy on enemy camps.

MAGIC CLAW: A claw or hand made by magic that carries messages, objects or people. Sometimes magic slaves turn into magic claws to perform these functions.

MAGIC DOUBLE: A magical projection of Emperor Afrasiyab, which replaced him when he was away or when he had to disappear during imminent danger.

MAGIC EFFIGY: A magical being made by a sorcerer or sorceress that assumes human shape and can work the magic spells assigned to it by its master or mistress.

MAGIC FAIRY: Not to be confused with FAIRY above. A magic fairy is made by a sorcerer by magic. Magic fairies can be either male or female.

MAGIC SPIRIT: The spirit of a dead person, commanded by a sorcerer’s spells. A magic spirit is set free at the death of the sorcerer who commands it. Unless captured by another sorcerer by reciting the capturing spells at the time of its master’s dying, a magic spirit is released into the cosmos and becomes harmless.

MAGIC SLAVE: They are both male and female. Magic slaves and magic slave girls are magical beings that can fly in the air and travel under the earth. They can change into magic claws and carry away people and objects. Magic slaves are also employed by sorcerers to fight in the battlefield, and to guard sorcerers against dangers. They can be made of paper, lentil-flour, clay, wax, brass, or steel. They are made by the occult art of nairanj by which a sorcerer manipulates the properties of matter to create mechanisms.

MAGIC MIRROR: A magical mirror that projected Emperor Afrasiyab’s presence into his court during his absence.

MAGIC TROOPER: A horseback warrior created by magic who fights at a sorcerer’s command. It is impossible to kill magic troopers with weapons.

SORCERER: Someone who has a commanding knowledge of the occult powers of astral bodies, alchemy and magic, and can combine them to create a tilism or make spells.

TRICKSTER: Male or female warriors known for their cunning, quickness and mastery of disguise.